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A Generalists Agency – that work strategically to tailored and deliver bespoke solutions to their clients; solutions covers Identity, Recruitment, Development and Media affair’s. It’s a young company and success along people is the cornerstone on which Immanentco is founded. We have operations in Coventry, Piatra, and mainly across a Lahore, based in Pakistan.

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The Immanentco Story

It’s a young company and success along people is the cornerstone on which Immanentco is founded; Dateline 2017. Afterward work with BPO’s culture of recruitment and media agencies; 3 friends wanted to start a small setup with a business idea. They planned and then made the jump into it; and still trying to proving ‘It’s a first generalist agency’ to attract clients and candidates at a time with proven strategies and comprehensive family of services; to address their complex challenges and achieving goals.

We Provide You; phenomena of progressWe give a chance to Advertise with leading BrandsWe learn from any setback and go to get the success

— Immanentco – A Generalist’s Agency —

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Accelerate Your Career

At Immanentco, we provide our people with professional experiences and training with our points and strategies. The result is an environment filled with immersive learning opportunities. We seek people who are ready to unlock their ideas and leverage their point of view to redefine what’s possible through the power of generalist’s agency in the business spaces.

Where to Start ?

Submitting your profile is just the first necessary step in forming an exceptional connection with our recruitment team. We know that there’s more to you than a list of jobs and accomplishments on a document. That’s why we will closely review your provided information and, if we find an opportunity that matches your skills and your career goals; we’ll reach out to you to get to know you even better.

Business Hours; We operate standard business hours of 09:00 -17:30 Monday to Friday with out of hours cover by arrangement when necessary.

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People talk to us anytime they like, in their own way ! We’re glad you’re here, please tell us what you need and we’ll have a Immanentco team member contact you a shortly.

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